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 It seems like just a few weeks since we last gathered for our annual reunion..... Now we know what is meant by the old axiom "Time Flies".... Everything  is ready for you except for making final arrangement with a caterer. 

 Mark your calendar and join us.  PLEASE email or call me so we can get a head count for the caterer.




The 53rd Gathering - A Big Wet Success 

Saturday, May 4, 2013 
The weather was windy and cool with rain coming down in buckets but it was dry in the cabin and under the outdoor tent. For the first time anyone can remember, it's the only time we've had rain on our annual Gathering.

It was another great one for the class of 60! Attendance was off a bit this year, in part because we were missing two long time  and faithful couples, (Wayne & Katie and Tommie & Judy)  and last minute issues stopped two couples who registered but did not attend, . Even so, we has 25 classmates and spouses in attendance. As always, those traveling the greatest distance were there, while classmates who live a stones throw down the road we no-shows! "Ain't that always the case?"

Satterfields prepared and served mounds of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, coleslaw, pickles, bread. Arlene brought her popular  made from scratch banana pudding and Faye brought one fine chocolate layer cake plus a huge platter of some of the dangest little pecan goodies you've every tasted. They were like eating popcorn but with 10.7x  times the calories ... no wonder they were so good?

There were a lot of laughs, some sad memories of our losses, and a lot of stories were shared..... oh yes..... some were new, many re-told for the umpteenth time. Of couse,  age and fading memories for some of us means those old stories are new again! Laughs? Family and friend gatherings usually result in more smiles and more laughs and fewer frowns. Have you ever wondered why smiles and laughs are more frequent than frowns? It's because we are fundamentally lazy. Medical trivia provides that it take 43 facial musles to frown, but only 17 to smile. It's no wonder those who always have a frown on their face appear to be so tired and worn out .... they really are! 

Okay folks, mark your calender for the first Saturday in May 2014.  We're gonna do it again next year, and the year after, and the year after that but it doesn't mean there's plenty of time  ....... the clock is running faster these days, so promise yourself that you'll be there.   


     The new summer travel season is approaching....... Tell us the whole story or simply a picture and a short paragraph from your smartphone. We'll share it with classmates.

NEW.... Robert and Jeanie are back at home in Ann Arbor, MI after a motorcycle tour of a portion the US West. If you didn't follow along as the tour progressed, read about it in  the Travel Log.  







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