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  The Annual Gathering - Class of 1960 ......... The 55th 

On Saturday May 2nd we will gather for our annual reunion and again be at RedHill on Bullard Road. As in the past, we will begin gathering about 4 pm and stay until........... Dinner will be served about 6 PM.

Our meal will be catered by Scott James, a retired Navy Chef who say's he has always "loved to cook". Upon retirment he returned to his native Twiggs County and opened Kountry Kitchen & Seafood resturant in Jeffersonville. So, naturally we take the opportunity this year to patronize our local merchant. I eat at Scott's resturant often....... you won't be disappointed. 

Menu includes: Grilled/smoked pork butts, grilled chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, grill veggies (zuchini, yellow squash and onions), bread, cookies for desert, ice tea, & lemonade, coffee. Additionally, there is a  possibility that Arlene may bring anohter one of those real, made-from-scratch  banana pudding and Scarlett is sure to bring one of those famous rich and buttery pound cakes.  

PRICE $12 per person 

NEED A HEAD COUNT by Sunday April 26 so that I can confirm meal planning with the caterer. We must pay for the number plates we order, so please confirm your attendance.

Thanks to everyone for participating so faithfully over the years............

Remember, respond to Billy (yea or nay)  by email. You may also text or call 478-731-5575 .

Three Weeks In Argentina ...........

Be sure to travel along with Robert and Jeanie by reading their post on the Travel Log. 

Over 100 Years Ago ..... a statue was born

Over 100 years ago a Confederate statue was purchased by the Daughters of the Confederacy and was to be placed on the courthouse lawn in honor of the sons who fought and died for the states rights and preservation of the republic that was created by the founding fathers.  But,  the courthouse lawn was not to be it's home.

As soon as the statue  arrived on the train from St Louis, a spat quickly arouse about where it was to be placed. 

Eventually, the stature was placed, not on the courthouse square, but on an obscure corner next to a store on the south side of Highway 80 in what was then the edge of a pasture, well away from a position of honor on the courthouse lawn.  Yep, the war was still being fought in the early 1900's 

and it continued for almost a hundred years,  long after our class graduated in 1960.  But alas....... over 100 years have passed and a few funerals have occured, allowing the statue to be moved to the courthouse lawn. A more complete story will be provided after the dedication is held sometimes in early 2015.  In the meantime, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, the old marble confederate has been exhumed from it temporary resting place and now proudly stands in front of the courthouse to honor all our Twiggs County soilders who fought in Mr Lincoln's  War of Northern Aggression.

Compliments of Kinnie Russell
God Bless America
John Wayne 


The Macon Telegraph July 7, 2014 … Jenna Mink, reporter

Hawthorne Named Chairwoman

Sarah Hawthorne, president and founder of AlphaSkills -- a Georgia literacy organization -- and retired educator, was recently elected as chairwoman of the board of directors for Central Georgia Technical College.

Hawthorne, a resident of Twiggs County, has served as vice chair following the July 2013 merger of the former Central Georgia Tech and Middle Georgia Technical College. She will serve a one-year term that begins July 1.

Danny Carpenter, retired superintendent for the Houston County Board of Education, was elected vice chairman.



 (Sunday May 4, 2014)

The 54th year Gathering was another big success. The weather was  perfect with moderate temps, low humidity, abundant sunshine, gentle breezes accompanies by  32 classmates and spouses. Food was catered by Southern Heritage BBQ from Dublin .... Of coures, southerners have never made and bad batch of bareque. But, the brunswick stew was a killer and so were all the wonderful deserts made by Arlene, Faye and Paul's Aunt Dot.

Again, Ann prepared those "so well done" videos and  special picture books to preserve the memories for posterity.  Many wonder? Others marvel at the story of a class reunion every year. How can one  little high school class meet year after year and still enjoy a reunion as much as the first. The truth is ....... we don't! We enjoy each one more than the last. If you haven't been, you are missing  what has now become a Twiggs County High School historical event. Never in the history of the school, has their been a class to have so many reunions. There's a reason.  The 55th will be special but you'll never read about it, you'll never heard about. You must  discover it for yourself.  Mark your calendar NOW  for  Saturday May 2, 2015 when the TCHS of 1960 again migrates from around the country to RedHill for the 55th reunion.     

     The new summer travel season is approaching....... Tell us the whole story or simply a picture and a short paragraph from your smartphone. We'll share it with classmates.

NEW.... Robert and Jeanie are back on the road again, this time in Argentina read about it in  the Travel Log.  


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"No free government was ever founded or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state.... Such are a well regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen." --Josiah Quincy Jr., Thoughts on Standing Armies, 1774














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